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How can I get a pizza?

We are open Wednesdays - Saturdays for both lunch & dinner. Lunch is all walk ins, for both slices & full pies. Dinner pies are ordered though our website app. We release the online slots for pre-order Mondays at 3pm.

Are you a nut free shop?

Although we don't work directly with nuts, we do procure our flour from a facility that produces nuts + seeds. Our menu also contain items with seeds. Therefore, we are not an allergy-friendly shop. 

How do I order? Do you offer delivery?

Click Order "Pick Up or Delivery" on our website 

*Please note* Delivery is available for Wednesdays & Thursdays only

What size are your pizzas?

All pies are 16" and have 8 slices

Do you have gluten free options?

At this time, we do not have any GF options but we are constantly experimenting!

Do you have vegetarian pizzas?

Absolutely! The Mushroom Pie, The Spicy Potato White Pie, The 6ix and of course the Cheese are all veggie!


Do I have to pre-order?

Not for lunch, but dinner pie slots are available on our online app

Do you do events?

We do make special arrangements for events, please send us an email at and share your event details

What does it mean to be on your pizza list?

The pizza list allows you to be notified of all new pizza features and other special ONO events.



Need more help?

Contact us today and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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