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How can I get a pizza?

All orders are pre-orders and pick up only. No walk ins at this time πŸ€™

How do I order?

Click Order Pick Up on our website.

What size are your pizzas?

All pies are 16".


Do you have gluten free options?

At this time, we do not have any GF options but we are constantly experimenting!

Do you have vegetarian pizzas?

Absolutely! The Mushroom Pie, The Spicy Potato White Pie and of course the Cheese are all veggie!

Where do I pick up my pizza?

We are located at 581 Pape Ave. We ask that you come masked, and limit to two people in the shop at one time.

Do I have to pre-order?

Yes, all orders for pies are pre-orders via our website.

What does it mean to be on your pizza list?

The pizza list allows you to be notified of all pizza drops and other special pizza events.

What if I'm running late for pick up?Β 

if you're running late, just shoot us a message to let us know!

How far ahead can I place an order?

We will release the pie drops each week for the days. Once we announce the pie drop, you will be able to access the online ordering, make your selections and complete your transaction

Need more help?

Contact us today and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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