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The Story

Our pizza story traces its roots back to Friday night pizza as a kid. Growing up we use to order from the local pizza joint until my mom decided to make her own, from then on it changed the way I looked at pizza forever.

At a very young age, my mom instilled a love and passion for cooking in me. As an adult, it only became natural that our house constantly filled up with friends wanting to eat delicious food.

Brianna and I continued the Friday night pizza party traditions with friends, jokingly calling it, "One Night Only Pizza". Over the last few years, our pizzas got better, the parties got bigger and a passion became a pizza obsession.


Once the pandemic hit, we could no longer host One Night Only Pizza. We decided to buy some boxes so friends could come and pick them up off our back porch. Soon friends + neighbours told more friends + more neighbours – until we were getting 1000s of messages on Instagram from people asking if they could get a pie too. We couldn't be more humbled and excited that our pizza could make so many people happy!

Although we started slingin' porch pies in April of 2020, our big opportunity arose when a neighbourhood pizza and variety store asked us to take over the shop – the stars had aligned for us as a pizza family. As a nod to the mother shop, we designed and constructed our new brick-and-mortar location to mimic our Riverdale home kitchen, where all the ONO pizza parties originated.

Our pizza dough is fermented for 72 hours and is made with beautiful organic Canadian flour. At ONO we strive to make as much of our products in house with local and Canadian ingredients. The love and attention that goes into each dough ball is something even our mom would be proud of :)

✌️ ❤️ 🍕 Luke + Brianna Skye


One Bite Pizza Feature

"Dave stops by the under the radar pizza place One Night Only, and may have accidentally handed out an unlucky score."

CTV News Feature

"After losing his job during the pandemic, Luke Pollard started selling pizza on Saturday nights and now has orders coming in from all over the city."

Ambassador Feature

"Luke Pollard of One Night Only Pizza shares some of their experiences using Ambassador for Restaurants to grow their brand. know their customers, increase efficiency, and save money."

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